Cook for a Date

What kind of a man makes a pie for her girlfriend? Impress her with your cooking skills.


What you need to make a Pie Crusts: 250gr of Flour – 125gr Butter – 1Egg – 20gr of Sugar – 1 pinch of Salt. Here is how; Miax up everything and knead them all. Put the crusts in refrigerator after 30 minutes and cook it up at 180 C.

İngredients for the Cream: 500ml of Milk – 150gr of Sugar – 40gr of Butter – 8 Eggs – 80gr of Flour. Recipie: Flour, Eggs and Sugar needs to be mixed. Pour the hot milk into the mix slowly. Cook it like milk pudding and let it get cold. And, add the butter and stir it up. Put the cream on the dough and place the fruits.

Photos taken by ExcuseMeMen. All rights reserved.