Gokhan Kutluer

A promising author and everyday cyclist. And, this tenacious man shows us that sky is the limit when it comes to riding a bike in Istanbul, where cyclists are ignored by cars and even by pedestrians. His bicycle trip experience in Scandinavia, 800 km in 10 days, has triggered something inside him and he has become an individual who has chosen to exist in the society through his bicycle and his bicycle stories. His routine 30 km bike ride to work as well as his style on the bike are inspirations for men. You can notice the uniqueness of his bikes are by taking a closer look at their shadows. For us, Gokhan Kutluer is a pioneer of bicycle culture in Istanbul and he is pulling us. He shares his experiences about the bike on Denge Tekeri while he is seeking out his readers on Bisiklet Öyküleri.

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