Niyazi Erdogan

A man’s fashion designer who’s also a method actor. Niyazi Erdoğan: an architect, a designer, a painter, a countryman, a townsman… He is a designer who does not hesitate to grow mustache or put on weight to become the main character of his collections just like a method actor. He seizes and figures out the meaning of life through architectural manner. For us, Niyazi Erdogan is one of the local pioneers of men’s fashion who reflects the tradition and the value and the forgottenness of this land.  The same man that he dresses up for his collections is showing up at different places. A man who does not seek for chicness but style. Niyazi Erdoğan, who has a passion to produce, will not let people forget about Sedad Hakkı Eldem, the architect of Istanbul Library and so many others that have huge impact on his own work. And, he gets to flee the big fire in Istanbul by just raising a laugh.

We sat down with Niyazi Erdogan and had a chat over a coffee.


Photos taken by ExcuseMeMan. All rights reserved.