Doğukan Aksu

Have you ever heard of No85 Custom Bikes? The brand is getting famous among local bicycle fans in Turkey and its founder Doğukan Aksu, who is also an extremely gifted photographer and graphic designer, is a man of genuine spirit and hard work. His father has taught him that he can create whatever he imagines by using an iron stick, therefore, he knows that if a man can, so can he. Although he has been building bicycles for quite some time, he is not fond of riding them at all, however, he has once ridden bicycle from Eskişehir to his hometown Ankara. Having said that, Doğukan does not consider his bicycles as vehicle but his designs, therefore, he hopes them to be kept as a statue after he sells them. It is quiet simple for him: Create a bicycle, take its photo and then forget about it. You can see the great photos of his bicycles by following him on instagram.

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Photographs and Video by ExcuseMeMan. All rights reserved.